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Fitness plays a major role in achieving a healthy life. When it comes to exercise, they are not alone enough for staying in good spirits and great shape. It is the main reason why you should develop your power, will, and commitment as well.

Are you seeking an ideal destination for your fitness needs? Planet Fitness is the right destination for your requirements. It is an excellent network of finest fitness clubs well-known for their world-class service and outstanding history.

It was initially established in the year 1992. According to the studies of 2015, Planet Fitness is available in over a thousand locations in Canada and forty-eight US states.  The most impressive thing about Planet Fitness is that it can be considered as an adobe to many interesting events.  In simple words, it is an excellent world of fitness, health, and beauty required by almost everyone.

If you want to reach your fitness goal with the help of Planet Fitness, you can find out the nearest Planet Fitness. The official website has precise details regarding all locations of Planet Fitness.   When you enter the website, you can click on the option named “Find a Club”.  There is a name of nearest locations show on the window. Another excellent thing about these clubs is that they are available for 24/7. It ensures that you get the finest time for doing a workout.

Every club has different working hours. It can range from Monday to Friday from 5 AM to 9 PM and also on Saturday and Sunday from 7 AM to 9 PM.  It is advised to check the working hours of the local club before planning your visit.

What time does Planet Fitness open?

Monday 24 hours
Tuesday 24 hours
Wednesday 24 hours
Thursday 24 hours
Friday 24 hours
Saturday 24 hours
Sunday 24 hours

– Is Planet Fitness open on Sunday?

– Yes, Planet Fitness is open on Sunday.

Planet Fitness Hours

With a dedicated team of experts, Planet Fitness has not only combined different fitness but also joined many appreciative fans of a healthy lifestyle. It also comes with many newest programs and techniques as well as advanced equipment. The team of qualified staffs is ready to invite guests.

It is excellent news for everyone that you can get access to Planet Fitness daily and also on major holidays. Many clubs of Planet Fitness are available on all major holidays with minimal operating hours. The only exception is that Planet Fitness is closed on Christmas Day.

  • Easter day: the working hours can start from 7 AM to 1 PM,
  • Fourth of July month: It can start from 5 AM to 1 PM
  • Memorial Day: It can start from 5 AM to 3 PM
  • Labor Day: It can start from 5 AM to 3 PM
  • Thanksgiving Day: Thursday – close at 1 PM, Friday – re-open at 5 AM,
  • Christmas: 24th December – close at 1 PM, 25th December – closed for Christmas Day, 26th December – reopen at 5 AM
  • New Year’s Eve: The store close at 3 PM.
  • All the other holidays – Normal business hours

You can carefully check holiday hours of nearest Planet Fitness platform because it may differ from one platform to the next one.

Planet Fitness Holiday Hours | Open

– Is Planet Fitness open on:

Black Friday Mardi Gras
Thanksgiving Day Easter Sunday
Christmas Eve Memorial Day
Cinco de Mayo Mother’s Day
Columbus Day New Year’s Eve
Easter Monday President’s Day
Father’s Day St. Patrick’s Day
Good Friday Tax Day
Halloween Valentines Day
Labor Day Veteran’s Day

– Yes, Planet Fitness is open.

Planet Fitness Holiday Hours | Closed

– Is Planet Fitness open on:

Christmas Day

– No, Planet Fitness is closed on Christmas Day.

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