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Between passion-filled nights in his desert palace and glorious days beneath the sultry sun, Polly wonders if she should resist the intense attraction betwee. Preview. Polly didn’t expect to be happy. Family loyalty and the knowledge that her love for Chris would never be returned led Polly to accept marriage to Prince . An Arabian Courtship by Lynne Graham is a marriage of convenience romance and was first published in and has been reissued recently.

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May 03, Rachel rated it it was ok Shelves: Entertaining story line but neither of the main arabiab are particularly arabina. In the event that you receive a faulty book, simply contact customer services and they will send you a replacement straight away. But I will have an answer,’ he assured her grimly. Apr 08, Maura rated it liked it Shelves: She made her decision to marry into a loveless marriage and the hero did ensure she know what she can expect in the first place which makes her accusation of the hero in the initial stage of marriage a bit unfair.

Sep 22, Jacqueline rated it really liked it Shelves: May 27, liirogue rated it liked it. You may have noticed that Raschid is not the most liberated of men, and he has this marked tendency to believe that no man can look at you without being inspired by the kind of intimate thoughts which he considers grahak his department.

Heroine feels pity and then love for the stoic hero. Now, there are over 10 million ofher books in atabian worldwide. When he halted as if he had forgotten something ten yards on, Polly just wanted to kick him for striding back to haul her arabiaj of her death struggle with the aba twisted round her legs.


It’s a good one worth tracking down for Lynne Graham fans. After all there are grahzm ways to have kids you know! Still I like LG so I forgive a lot. I am glad to see a H that wasn’t mean. But the inescapable weakness a glimpse of him always brought was invading her body, pulling every tiny muscle taut with sharp awareness.

Overall book rating

The “debt” is only brought up now because the heroine’s family needs money and the hero’s father thinks his son should marry again after the disaster that was his first marriage. A hand plucked the raised shoe gragam her stranglehold and tossed it aside.

Hero rejected the pregnancy as he assumed he could not have children. PollyPrince Raschid. Banyak perdebatan dan pertengkaran di awal2 mereka menikah, malam pertama mereka terjadi setelah 1 bulan mereka menikah, dan disitu sifat pangeran yg sedikit nyebelin menjadi sedikit baik walaupun ada kata2nya yg nyakitin banget.

An Arabian Courtship

The h’s father supposedly once saved the life of the king while he was courtehip the diplomatic sn and in gratitude for the gesture, the desert king promised that his heir would wed the father’s first born daughter. Unfortunately the whole thing was a surface scattering of tropes and a lot of focus on the resentment and mopeyness of the h.

This would be enough, she told herself squarely. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Over time, her viewpoint shows that things aren’t as black and white. But sometimes that would go down better with me if I thought that was seriously what the author was aiming for.

HEA hide spoiler ] I suppose this would be a higher rating arabkan I hadn’t read it all before. Be the first to review this product.


You twisted my guts with jealousy, and for that education, I am ungrateful. Jul 30, Riz rated it it was ok Shelves: Hero finds out first wife lied about his infertility. Raschid had to carry her into courgship tent. But I didn’t know I was in love until I saw you with grahaam children. The communications between the Hero and heroine were too archaic. Instead, Prince Raschid is breaking down the carefully cons His first wife was mentally unstable.

He crushed her mouth under his, his tongue thrusting a fierce passage between her yielding lips with a passionate, searing urgency that currented through her with a lightning-bolt efficiency. She did a good job writing this one, but the infantile attitude of the h just went on too long. See all 18 reviews.

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He didn’t love her, and that wasn’t fair, but there were many unfair things in life. She makes it through the ceremony and the women’s meal after, but when the big bedding scene arrives, the h is seriously ill with flu and passes out. The h is delirious with joy that the H loves her back and never really loved his first wife at all, cause she was neurotic, and they resolve to re-enact the midnight ylnne into his bedroom scene for the big HEA.

An Arabian Courtship Lynne Graham. Usually love Graham this book wasn’t great. When she meets her future husband, Raschid, she might be impressed by his good looks, but his personality leaves a lot to ask for.


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