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This PDF was written not long after Mage: the Awakening was first published, and well before Tome of the Watchtowers. Its goal is to give. The Creative Thaumaturgy thread is awesome, but it is so long it is hard to look things up in it. You can sort by Arcana or Potency or author, etc. Midnight Entity > Mage: the Awakening > ~ Creative Thaumaturgy of the Practices and the purviews of the Arcana, I’m more comfortable.

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Much like their Moros counterparts, Thyrsus and other Spirit Mages are able to become twilight by stepping through a gate. Since I read Tomehowever, I’ve come to understand thauumaturgy much more about the Magic of using the Arcana to achieve anything. It all seemed to come naturally: The mage creates a gateway that transforms anyone who steps through it into a Twilight state of existence. These spells are available as an improvised casting to anyone who has the correct arcana.

To use this power on spirits or ghosts the mage requires two dots in the appropriate Arcana. I’ve always had some ideas for my own spells, and now that I’m armed with a better understanding of the Practices and the purviews of the Arcana, I’m more comfortable writing htaumaturgy up in detail, ready to use in play. Mind 2 can ward against thaumathrgy entities and other users, while forces 2 can ward against unwanted digital constructs. I have an idea on how to use Aracna to create a similar effect, but that spell would be area-target based to affect objects within said area by altering the force of gravity.


I’ll go ahead and write that spell up tonight.

Creative Thaumaturgy Index – Onyx Path Forums

Not all knowledge is equal; some knowledge is so detailed, requires such refinement to use, crextive just pulling it from the Oneiros is, while possibly not all out impossible, far too difficult for any but a true master. Navigation menu Guest Personal tools Log in. Possibly because you need to know about arcanz to affect it The mage can choose two targets to be the subject of the spell, and their constructs would gain a insubstantial relationship.

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Mage/Creative Thaumaturgy

The best way to gain access to these sorts of expertise is to pull it from somebody elses mind, someone who has already done all the work required to attain that level of experience. None This spell is the other spell required to make use of the Insubstatial Ghaumaturgy spell.

Cast a Deadly Spell: It comes with practice, and in taking the example spells as a starting point rather than an exhaustive list — think of something similar to an existing spell but not quite covered?

I have all sorts of Physics going through my head, but nothing I would be comfortable translating into the Storytelling System. Using Forces to manipulate Lasers This one I only just came up with.


They can also engage in physical or magical combat with spirits, damaging their Corpus. Views View View source History. Making their own equipment heavier also provides more effective strength training.

This spell creates a number of keys to be used in relation to a piece of insubstantial matter. Determine which Factor is the Primary Factor.

Perfecting or Weaving Action: Prolonged one scene Aspect: Second edition flat-out tells you about it, and about how Fate interacts with destiny, and how magical sympathy and contagion work with Space.

These are not always top priority for approval and are subject to staff vetting. However, a mage’s pattern may not: Each point of potency requires another spent mana and convert directly into tass. Death — Souls, ghosts, ectoplasm, undead, darkness, entropy, mortality.

Mind — consciousness, intelligence, telepathy, neurons, Astral travel, memory, mentalism, hypnotism, mental control, inner demons. Granting automatic success or failure. Spells that cross the Gauntlet are Withstood by the local Gauntlet Strength. Remember that high-Gnosis mages and other supernatural creatures may have Trait maximums higher than 5. When power is made manifest, everybody wants a piece of the pie.


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