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BARTON FINK Screenplay By Ethan Coen & Joel Coen FADE IN: ON BARTON FINK He is a bespectacled man in his thirties, hale. Barton Fink Script taken from a transcript of the screenplay and/or the Coen Brothers movie. Barton Fink screenplay [Joel Coen, Ethan Coen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. February 19, draft Original Screenplay.

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The web’s largest movie script resource! He stands, tuxedoed, in the wings of a theater, looking out at the stage, listening intently to end of a performance. In the shadows behind him an old stagehand leans against a flat, expressionlessly smoking a cigarette, one hand on a thick rope that hangs from the ceiling. The voices of the performing actors echo in from the offscreen stage: I’m kissin’ it all goodbye, these four stinkin’ walls, the six flights up, the el that roars by at three A.

Kiss ’em goodbye for me, Maury! I’m bartkn now, awake for the first time in years. Uncle Dave said it: Daylight is a dream screenply you’ve lived with your eyes closed. Well my eyes are open now!

I see that choir, and I know they’re dressed in rags! They’ll be hawking the fish down on Fulton Street. Let ’em sing their hearts out. Take that ruined choir. We hear a door open and close, then approaching footsteps. A tall, dark actor in sfreenplay used tweed suit and carrying a beat-up valise passes in front of Barton: And I baarton mean a postcard.

The actor sets the valise down and then stands waiting int he shadows behind Barton. As the man walks back off the screen: LILY Let’s spit on our hands and get to work.

Barton mouths the last line in sync with the offscreen actor: Fnik this the stagehand behind Barton furiously pulls the rope hand-over-hand and we hear thunderous applause and shouts of “Bravo!

The stagehand pulls on an adjacent rope, bringing the curtain back up and unmuting the applause. Barton Fink seems dazed. He has been joined by two other men, both dressed in tuxedos, both beaming toward the stage. The actors take their bows and the cry of “Author, Author” goes up from the crowd. The actors turn to smile at Barton in the wings. He is gently nudged toward the stage by the two tuxedoed gentlemen.


As he exits toward the stage the applause is deafening.

Ah, here we are Three guests, two me and a woman in evening wear, are rising and beaming at Barton. A fat middle-aged man, one of the tuxedoed gentlemen we saw backstage, is moving out to let Barton slide in. MAN Barton, Barton, so glad you could make it. You know Richard St. Barton nods and looks at the woman. We’re drinking champagne, dear boy, in bartn of the occasion.

Have you seen the Herald? Barton looks sullenly at his champagne glass as the fat man fills it. But more bartoj, Richard and Poppy here loved the play.

Nevertheless, we were all devastated. What did the Herald say? MAN I happen to have it with me. Triumph of the Common Man. The playwright finds nobility in the most squalid corners and poetry in the most callused speech.

A tough new voice in the American theater has arrived, and the owner of that voice is named A writer writes from his gut, and his gut tells him what’s good and what’s Barton turns to look for the source of an insistent jingling.

We swish pan off him to find a busboy marching through the restaurant displaying a page sign, bell attached, with Barton’s name on it. Jesus, Garland, you left me alone with those people. What’s you screenplya of Richard and Poppy?

Barton Fink Script at The Screenplay Database

Millions of dollars and no sense. Garland smiles, then draws Barton close. I’ve just been on the phone to Los Angeles. Barton, Capitol Pictures wants to put you under contract. They’ve offered you a thousand dollars a week. I think I can get them to go as high as two. I guess I try to make a difference.

No pressure here, Barton, because I respect you, but let me point out a couple of things. Eighty five million people go to the pictures every week. However, point number two: A brief tenure in Hollywood could support you through the writing of any number of plays.

Barton leans earnestly forward. Not the kind of success where the critics fawn over you or the producers like Derek make a lot of money. If I ran off to Hollywood now I’d be making money, going to parties, meeting the big shots, sure, but I’d be cutting myself off from the wellspring of that success, from the common man.


He leans back and chuckles ruefully. I guess I’m sprouting off again. But I am certain of this, Garland: I’m capable of more good work. Maybe better work than I did in Choirs. It just doesn’t seem to me that Los Angeles is the place to lead the life of mind. You decide what you want and I’ll make it happen.

The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

Barton glumly lights a cigarette and gazes out across the floor. You see Caven’s review in the Herald? Garland screenlpay at Barton for a reaction, but gets none. The common man’ll still be here when you get back. What the hell, they might even have one or two of ’em out in Hollywood. That’s a rationalization, Garland. We hear a distant rumble. It builds slowly and we cut to: The roar of the surf slips away as we dissolve to: Amber light, afternoon turning to evening, slopes in from behind us, washing the derelict lobby with golden highlights.

Barton Fink enters frame from beneath the camera and stops in the middle foreground to look across the lobby.

We are framed on his back, his coat and hat. The lobby is empty. There is a suspended beat as Barton takes it in.

Barton moves toward the front desk. He hits a small silver bell next to the register. Its ring-out goes on and on without losing volume. After a long beat sreenplay is a dull screenpllay of shoes on stairs. Barton, puzzled, looks around the empty lobby, then down at the floor behind the front desk. He closes the trap door, steps up to the desk and sticks his finger out to touch the small silver bell, finally muting it.

The lobby is now silent again. May I help you, sir? The clerk flips through cards on the desk.

Coen Brothers Screenplays (Download) – Indie Film Hustle

That must be you, huh? Everything seems to be in order. He is turning to a register around for Barton to sign. Are you a tranz or a rez?

I mean, I’ll be here, uh, indefinitely.


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