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read Le Mystère des Cathédrales (The Mystery of the Cathedrals) Was Fulcanelli a Plagiarist? In his book entitled Le Mystère des. On out cathedrals the scenes of the Last Judgment show grimacing demons, These free, virile, and healthy images evidence that the artists of the (12) Cf. Fulcanelli, Le Mystere des Cathedrales (The Mystery of the. In , an obscure book was published in Paris called “Le Mystère des Cathédrales” (The Mystery of the Cathedrals), in a print run of just copies. The now.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Responses are currently closed, but you can trackback from your own site. The seven eyes lamb of the Apocalypse, fresco from a roman church of Catalonia.

Follow here my YouTube video channel related to these pages. As the mystery unfolded and the puzzle appeared before us, Fucanelli and I were astonished that no one else seemed to have seen this.

Who was Fulcanelli?

However, the existence of a fourth current, the free will, share cathsdrals information party, suggests that there is an answer. Nobody can thus have addresses “the street of alchemy” From this position he has access to the realities which are ordinarily hidden from us by time and space, matter and energy. Bergier could not say and the army major seemed satisfied Fulcanelli could not be found.

The street of alchemy. Viollet-le-Duc, architect, restore the cathedral Notre-Dame in Paris and construct the high spire in Thus, most of the Fulcanelli book had been plagiarized!

The Politics of Secrecy: Fulcanelli and the Secret of the End of Time

These currents, actually more collective viewpoints, we defined by their relationship to the secret. Because of the politics te secrecy surrounding the knowledge tulcanelli this on-coming celestial event, we, as a culture, have been blissfully unaware. Judgement Day, in other words.

Through these places of pilgrimage, revealed by FulcanelliI invite you to discover our historical and symbolic heritage roots. InFulcanelli relocated to 59 rue Rochechouart where he allegedly succeeded in transmuting base metals into gold.

A book by the same name, citing Fulcanelli as the author, was published much later, but has been shown to be a counterfeit. These simple facts point to several interesting conclusions. Assan Dina’s tarots in the Avenieres’s castle.


Indeed, thanks to his works, we will also try to get a better knowledge about the man, hidden under Fulcanelli pseudonym. Interesting as these conclusions are, they force us to an even more dramatic one. Details of the StrenghtGod-HousePope In delineating this mystery, Fulcanelli tried, by piling up images and allusions, to suggest a vast initiatory process at work in human cathedarls. An epic amount of research later, we can cqthedrals answer the first question.

The Politics of Secrecy: Is that a sign? The liberation of nuclear power is easier than you think and the radioactivity artificially produced can poison the atmosphere of our planet in a very short time: Was Fulcanelli a Plagiarist? He really was most interested when I showed him the manuscript, and asked to borrow it for a few days, to look at it more closely in view frew presenting it to a publisher.

We are about to receive a cosmic wake-up call from the center of the galaxy.

Fulcanelli – Wikipedia

In many ways, this was the start of the New Age movement and the beginning of the process of obscuring Fulcanelli and his work. You won’t find in this street any doorways of building nor villa.

The details of our research can be found in this book, A Monument to the End of Time: Colin Wilson suggests that he is another alchemical con-man such as Cagliostro or St. However, someone in the late 17th century built an enigmatic mortuary monument in the quaint Basque coastal town of Hendaye.


My own fotos can be used freely, I only ask you to mention their origin and to insert a link towards my home page of ” alchemy street “, homage to the Fulcanelli’s work.

The Setians and the Opportunists had finally learned to cooperate. Inwith the publication of the international cathhedrals The Morning of the MagiciansPauwels and Bergier popularized the mystery of the Master Alchemist.

Some documents are copyrighted and can be reproduced only with the agreement of their owners or their have-rights. If a search engine brought you fhlcanelli, but you can’t see what you are looking for, or if you want to find other entries with the same or differerent ‘key words’ try the SEARCH BOX!


Julien Champagne’s laboratorydedicated to Pierre Dujols.

Chilaism is a Gnostic conception of the Christian Last Judgement in which a new existence, a spiritual reality, supercedes our flawed common reality at the extreme end of time.

Not only have the initiated few survived for centuries, right down into our own time, but apparently some of them wanted to reveal the secret. The ancient myth of Osiris, the rightful King, whose power is usurped by his evil brother, Set, and then revenged by his son, Horus, echoes this struggle over control of the secret. A regular confidence man he was, that one! His works are the Mystery of the cathedrals see the photography of the original edition and the Dwellings of the philosopherspublished between the years and after published again regularly by Jean-Jacques Pauvert.

Subscription up to end of december and order for this books to the editor by cliking on the photo above. Original painting of the ” Virgen with the seven planetary metals ” of Julien Champagne. Retrieved from ” https: Many scholars see Pagels and Couliano consider Chilaism to be the most sophisticated of the many 1st century AD eschatological perspectives. The sophisticated astronomical culture of the Central American Maya considered this event to be the end and beginning point of time itself.

The last updates are indicated at the bottom of this page. The major, whose identity was apparently anonymous, or simply forgotten, wanted to know the whereabouts of Fulcanelli.

It is fulacnelli ancient secret that a few people rediscover each century. Following this thread, we found evidence that Alchemy, as we have known it historically, is ctahedrals more than a demonstration of the physics at work in the galactic core.

From this perspective, what we had been taught to regard as history looked a lot like the residue of a millenia long global conflict over control of the secret and its ramifications.


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