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Hawalis (الحواليـــس)seems to be the only four-row mancala game found outside Africa except for some bizarre games from Yunnan (China). It is from Oman. Mancala. Jogo africano. Descrição do jogo e regras básicas em: http://pt. 28 set. JOGO MATEMÁTICO: MANCALA / OWARE O que é o jogo Mancala? – Jogo de conta e captura; – Jogado em tabuleiro que consiste em filas.

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The competition was won by Ralf Gering who lost not a single game out of five.

If the hole in the back row is occupied too, its contents are also taken. Retrieved from ” http: In it he describes a trip to Estonia to reras Baron von Stackelberg.

The Bohnenspiel is also played in Kazakhstan, Central Asia. Contents [ show ].

Retrieved from ” http: Under the CC by-sa 2. The same program can also be found on many websites in Germany. Singletons can only be moved, if none of the player’s holes contain two or more stones. The game was first described on Zanzibar by W.

It is from Oman, where the game is played by the Arab population, but not by Swahili speaking people, and also on Zanzibar, Tanzania, where ergras is known as Bao Kiarabu “Arabian Board Game” and played by the Arabic people of the island who came from Oman. Moves from either of a player’s two left-hand holes are made in clockwise direction, moves from either of the player’s two right-hand holes are made in an anti-clockwise direction, and moves from the center hole may be made in either direction.

If a player cannot move, he must pass until he can sow again. He removes all the beans from this pit and sows them counterclockwise. If the player whose turn it is to move cannot move, the game ends regrae all beans on the board go to the other player.


Alemungula | Mancala World | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The notation of Bohnenspiel games and problems is simple. However, it is not permitted to move such a stone, if the next hole is occupied. However, Alemungula offers bigger challenges because singletons may also be moved.

One of the strongest players was Dad Mohd. The board position repeats after the 77th lap. If the last stone is dropped in one of the opponent’s holes and makes a two or a four, these stones are captured.

A detailed analysis of the rules of the game shows the bean game to be very similar to Central Asian and Arab mancala games, such as Turkish mangalaPalestinian Al-manqalaand Iraqi Halusa.

Bao Kiarabu First Description: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Das Bohnenspiel

Each player “owns” the six pits closest to himself. In East Germanyseveral books were written about the game. The winner is the player who captured the greater number of stones during the game. On the average a Bohnenspiel game is decided after 41 moves range of this statical analysis: Views Read Edit View history. Msncala this empty hole was in the front row and the opposite hole of the opponent was occupied, the stones of this hole are captured and removed from the game.

Contents [ show ]. Bohnenspiel Seminar in Kazakhstan Malters Langenegger, a Swiss, has put a free Bohnenspiel program on his homepage where you can play online.


There he discovered a replica of a game board which to this day is kept in the Hermitage Museum in St. Bohnenspiel rgras the same rules as the classic Turkish Mangalawhich appears to have been called Manqalat or Manqala in Persia.

Position shifts by two pits after 11 laps. A two- row mancala game with seven pits per row is called ” Al-Hawailah ” in Qatar. Each player then captures the stones remaining on his side. Fritz Jahn, Cycles: Each player has captured 22 stones.


Regars a Bohnenspiel ends, when all beans have been captured. The baron owned a replica of the famous mancala set which was a gift from the Shah of Persia probably Aga Mohammed to Czarina Catherine the Great reignborn Sophie von Anhalt-Zerbst. Contents [ show ]. The original is to this regrws kept in the art collection of the State Hermitage Museum in St. If the last stone falls into an occupied hole, its contents including the last one played are picked up and then distributed in another lap starting in the next reegras.

Which move leads to a win, which one to a draw? It appears that the Bohnenspiel is still more popular in the eastern part of Germany than in the west or south. There was a small Hawalis tournament in Rsgras, Germany, in May This fits very well with the likely origin of the game.

The first international Bohnenspiel tournament was held on July 19,in Pardubice Czech Republic. The holes are numbered from counter-clockwise, starting with the leftmost hole of the player who began the game.

Bohnenspiel “the bean game” is a German mancala game described in the Deutsche Spielhandbuch. Retrieved from ” https: If both players captured the reyras number the game is a draw.

Alemungula is a mancala game played by the Wetawit formerly spelled Wetaweat in Ethiopia, around the towns of Asosa and Beni Sangul, towards the Sudan border.

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